The Utilihab Modular Float Platform is a foam-core ferro-cement float element derived from ferro-cement platforms commonly used for floating homes and marinas. With the Modular Float Platform it becomes possible to use Utilihab for creating easily adapted floating homes and buildings of most any area and up to several stories high. The platform modules are square two meter thick units with integral edge locking units that rigidly connect the modules together or to sliding pile holders for perimeter mooring piles. The lock connectors also feature service wells that perform extra duty as mounts for concealed anchors lines or electric azimuth thruster units and as storm drains.

The Modular Float Platform units are sized relative to the grid of common span Primary framing structures such that the spacing of the Primary framing posts never coincides with the platform unit edge. Roughly 10m modules are the common size. Modules feature formed-in alloy sockets for direct attachment of Primary framing elements and in typical configurations two storey structures are the norm with the platform finished using the Utilihab Deck System and left open as a precaution against storm and boat wash. Platform module edges also feature built mounts for recycled HDPE bumper planks and HDPE float extensions and top surface mounts for fixtures such as hand rails, lamp posts, deck lights, fencing, dock boxes, benches, gangways, and cleats.

In addition the the Modular Float Platform there is the Modular Pontoon System and optional Electric Azimuth Thruster kits. This series of extensible recycled HDPE pontoon modules integrate directly with the Primary frame system using integral heavy plate profile mounts to allow Utilihab to be used for construction of house boats, party boats, light duty ferries, and platform utility boats.

The Electric Azimuth Thruster kits feature ducted modular azimuth thrusters with servo controlled positioning suitable for solar power systems and with a unique GPS guided station-keeping controller that can actively maintain position without anchors and even guide a vessel or structure robotically to pre-set coordinates.

[Speculative concept for standard component set. May need to work with developer like International Marine Flotation]

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