The Utilihab Marketplace is a web site for the on-line marketing and sale of Utilihab components, products, kits, home/building designs, and related services. Following the example of other on-line marketplaces, the Utilihab Marketplace would provide a central sale and re-sale market for all developers, manufacturers, and providers of Utilihab-related products and services. Using the site, customers would be able to learn about the use and assembly of Utilihab components, obtain troubleshooting and customer service assistance from developers and manufacturers, and engage in open discussions on Utilihab applications with other users. Through the site, customers would be able to purchase new and used Utilihab products and components as well as structure-specific building kits, pre-developed building designs, and contract building services. A key feature of the site would be integration with both the Utilihab Designer and Utilihab Builder software packages allowing customers to create custom Utilihab kits of their own design or customized from boilerplate designs. The software would then generate assembly instructions and transmit bid solicitations for components, products, and services within the Utilihab Market network. Additional financial and insurance servace may also be integrated into the marketplace. Utilihab Marketplace would be a truly international market open to buyers and sellers worldwide and would even integrate shipping services allowing customers to fan-in components for their homes and buildings from across the globe. As an aid to international relief, the marketplace could even be used to coordinate global volunteer production and distribution of Utilihab structures in response to global emergencies and relief programs.

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