The Utilhab Infill Framing System is a subset of the standard Utilihab interior component set that is intended for use as in-fill partition structures in large commercial buildings. It employs mostly standard Secondary framing and panel components adjusted in size to accommodate larger building floor heights with a suspended ceiling. Primary framing elements are also used in the creation of mezzanines in very large height storey spaces, as with industrial buildings.

The Infill Framing system employs a 50mm base frame grid for partition walls using standard wall, floor, and ceiling grids. A retrofit foundation frame is attached by masonry bolts in pre-drilled profile elements while additional frame profiles attach to these as usual. Floor grid profiles feature pass-through notches for wire and plumbing routing. Demising walls employ a 100-200mm gap with stacked inner volume panels/planks of fireproof mineral foam insulation. Most other elements are the same as with the standard Utilihab component set.

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