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-- Sannse @fandom

I created an account in order to leave this message -- I hope this gets to you. My name is Joshua Babb, and I independently reached many of the conclusions drawn by yourself and others associated with The Millennial Project and the Lifeboat Foundation. I would very much like to begin discussion on a course of action for the next ten years: I am in a position to begin taking the first steps towards concrete (figuratively and literally) self-sufficiency on the high seas, and find association to be the strategy most amenable to success.

Please email me at (my personal email address) or (my military email address) if you're interested in speaking further.

Yes you could add another piece of profile to the top of the other, but it would not have the strength, thats why you would need to change the upright profiles to longer length single length profiles if you wanted 2 floors because it would be more supporting.
I am looking to build a prototype module using 100mm x 100mm profiles for the primary framing and 50mm x 100mm for the flooring and roof, the size will be about 5m x 5m then i can experiment with different attachments for panels. so i am interested in all replies on here to proceed forward.


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