Tatami flooring is a unique type of flooring originating with traditional Japanese architecture. It is composed of rice straw or wood chips wrapped in a soft woven rush straw with a cloth border. Traditional dimensions vary but generally approach 1x2m with a 1m square filler. They are usually 55-60mm thick. Utilihab accommodates the use of traditional tatami mats by employing a lowered floor grid 50mm below the Primary frame edge, which generally requires the use of Medium duty 150mm Primary framing. Any portions of the floor grid supporting partitions must add 50mm riser profiles. Flush subfloor panels are then used as the base under the mats. To accommodate the gaps between framing and the oddly sized tatami, pre-finished perimeter planks are simply drop-fit into place, which provide a good visual analog to traditional Japanese framing. The matting is then simply laid in place and arrayed on the base floor in traditional patterns, usually employing side-to-end arrangement where only two corners ever meet.

Though special care in use is necessary with tatami flooring, it is an elegant and very comfortable flooring material that serves well in modest sized dwellings.