The Utilihab Refrigerator Cabinet kit is a kit for installing refrigerated compartments into supercabinet complexes or other built-in cabinets. Though Utilihab cabinetry and counters can readily accommodate installation of common off-the-shelf built in refrigerator units, these are generally designed with a few limited applications in mind. The Utilihab Refrigerator Cabinet offers better integration into standard supercabinet structures, allowing for refrigerated compartments with more flexibility in form and at lower cost.

The Refrigerated Cabinet kit is composed of a series of recycled foamed HDPE box inserts surrounded by polyester/aerogel sheet insulation. These are made with holed flanges that allow direct attachment to the Utilhab frame. Interior flanges support wire shelving within the container box. A modular port in the lower back or top of the box supports a coil, fan, and lamp module which is linked by insulated copper coolant line to a plug-in manifold on a compressor module mounted in a vented internal area of a cabinet space and linked to an internal power connection. Compressor modules of different sizes are designed to support different numbers of containers with independent temperatures.

Standard supercabinet pre-finished panel doors, attaching to the cabinet profile with standard hinge hardware, are equipped with polyester/aerogel pads covered by a screw-on HDPE inner panel insert with a magnetic door seal. These are positioned to exactly match each refrigerator box insert installed and allow multiple container covers in a single cabinet door while sealing each refrigerator container independently. A control and display panel, with thermal is mounted in any free space within the cabinet and attaches to profile by bolt-on angle mount.

The refrigerator container kits also support horizontal freezer insert boxes and drawer slide boxes using a slide container or basket insert within the basic HDPE container insert.