All framing based on standard 50mm series aluminum T-slot profile. Framing system is organized into Primary post and beam framing, Secondary in-fill framing used for walls, ceilings, and floors, and Roof framing used for specific roof systems. Three framing standards are supported; Light, Medium, and Heavy based on 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm square Primary frame profiles respectively. Bay spans are measured in terms of ‘ floor grid’, which is the span measured by the grid size of 1m floor panels plus their floor grid framing. Light framing is intended for one or two storey structures with bay sizes up to 4x4 panels. Medium framing is intended for structures up to 4 storeys with spans up to 6x6. Heavy framing is intended to support structures up to 8 storeys with 8 x8 and for reinforced structures within the smaller Medium framing dimensions.

Basic design system for Primary Frame structures is based on 6 possible single storey (2.4m high ceiling) clear-span unit bay widths defined by the number of basic 1m wide floor panels; 1-6.

Medium duty Primary framing is based on 150mm 3x3 slot profiles. Standard horizontal beam lengths;

1 panel bay: 1000mm

2 panel bay: 2050mm

3 panel bay: 3100mm

4 panel bay: 4150mm

5 panel bay: 5200mm

6 panel bay: 6250mm

Standard vertical post lengths (2.4m ceiling height); First Floor Building: 2500mm First Floor Building, raised deck (.5m): 3000mm Additional Floors: 2450mm

Primary Framing SeriesEdit

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