The Utilihab Media Panel is an appliance kit designed to integrate a complete digital media, communications, and computer center within a standard wall panel integrating with either fitted or flush interior panel systems. It is used with thicker walls along Primary framing of Medium or Heavy type (150-200mm) or integrated into supercabinet complexes.

The Media Panel is divided into several segments. A center segment serves as a flush frame for an LCD monitor, with several optional frames supporting displays up to 1m wide. A small tilt-out panel under the monitor provides access to a digital media I/O port access panel, a compact DVD reader (in vertical orientation), and a small storage compartment for remotes and portable media players with recharging plugs. A similar but fixed panel above the monitor features ports for web cam and motion/gesture tracker systems.

An upper panel serves as cover for a systems cabinet and hosts a combination power, LAN, video routing, and disk drive port panel (currently SATA), compact media server PC, hard disk drive array, additional digital media access port panel, digital audio amplifier, and optional home router attached to a Utilihab Modular Utility Panel serving as the back base of the media panel. The hardware here is all mounted in a vertical position along the utility panel slots with the power and data terminal strip running vertically and hosting cable harness clips. Several optional ventilation fans may be included in special openings of the back panel. Console game systems may optionally be installed here as well.

As a true digital media and communications system, the Media Panel’s compact media server computer integrates all the functions of home entertainment and basic digital communications. It can also be used as a primary user interface for a home control system based on standard LAN web-based microcontroller module integration. The monitor and remote serve as both TV and control interface for home audio and communications, the system supporting conventional phone, VOIP, and teleconferencing.

A lower section hosts a set of low profile speakers with a light fabric panel cover. UPS systems may also be mounted here. For audiophiles with larger wall space areas separate large area speaker wall panels of standard wall panel size are used to flank the media panel installation while its lower speaker section is used to host a higher power amplifier and sub-woofer.