Because of its use of industrial T-slot profiles and the great adaptability of that building technology, Utilihab has the powerful ability to integrate an endless variety of assemblies into a home’s structure in the same way that, in factory automation, T-slot allows all kinds of mechanisms to be integrated into a common factory production system. This allows for the invention and installation of an endless variety of built-in furnishings and appliances that can treat the standard geometry of the Utilihab Primary and Secondary framing like the plug-in backplane of a computer. In the future, this will be an increasingly literal analogy as we develop a standard utilities bus integrated to this framing allowing appliances to plug right into the power, data, fiber lighting, and plumbing infrastructure of a home just like expansion boards plugging into a computer’s motherboard.

The full range of possible integral furnishings and appliances are beyond the scope of this document, but in this section we will explore some representative types that may be most common in use and so may be featured as standard kits.

Integral Furnishings SeriesEdit

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