Just as Utilihab is capable of integrating various forms of furniture into its structure and panels, so too can many forms of appliances and active mechanisms be integrated. As with integral furniture, the full range of possible appliances that might be adapted to Utilihab integration is far beyond the scope of this document. But in this section we will examine some representative examples that may be featured in early kit offerings.

Conventional built-in appliances have tended to be limited to those found in the kitchen, largely because the so-called ‘major’ appliances that tend to be concentrated there have been the longest-lived and thus could be justified in being installed in its semi-custom cabinetry. Utilihab will support most of the conventional built-in appliances in largely the same fashion through integration with supercabinet framing and paneling -the difference being an even easier and stronger installation based on attachment to T-slot profiles rather than to support structure nailed to woodwork. But the free adaptability of its interior in the rest of the home offer a range of new options for appliance integration, particularly in terms of home entertainment, computing, and personal communications systems, power tools, hobby/craft related equipment, and emerging at-home manufacturing technology.

Integral Appliance SeriesEdit

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