The Utilihab Hydroponics Systems kits are based on the use of lighter profile framing sized to directly integrate into Utilihab structures and, in particular, to integrate into the Greenhouse/Solarium kits. They offer systems from the scale of small indoor home rigs to large greenhouse complexes suited to commercial production. The Hydroponics Systems offer modular plumbing, containers and frames for tray, curtain and frame drip-irrigation, channel and curtain Nutrient Film Technique, flood-drain tray and channel, and float channel systems with high intensity bulb and LED lighting options, CO2 generators and a turn-key computer controller system. The hydroponics controller provides monitoring of a variety of environmental and nutrient fluid states and timed or reactive control of fluid supply, ventilation, and lighting. It also integrates to the Utilihab HomeWeb allowing for user control of hydroponics system from any web browser on any computer in a building or household.

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