The Utilihab Greenhouse/Solarium kits are a series of structures based on the standard Utilihab light Primary framing with the addition of curved profile elements. These are used to make a number of light but strong bay-frame structures, rather than the usual post and beam structures, that are clad in any of several types of transparent/translucent wall coverings. Solariums are made using half of the greenhouse structural bays and attaching them to the edge of a standard Utilihab post and beam structure, creating an extension space. Solariums will usually employ the more rigid forms of cladding

Four types of cladding are offered for the Utilihab greenhouses;

Glass: can actually be tempered glass or polycarbonate in double-glazed panels that mount to a specialized glazing profile that is mounted on the outer edges of the bay frames.

Planar Panel Glass: a more advanced form of glazing based on mounting prefabricated glass panels to ‘feet’ supports that mount on the outer edge of the bay frame. A pre-fabbed or in-situ made silicone joint is placed between the panels.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel: an economic alternative commonly used in commercial greenhouses. Consists of extruded polycarbonate panels corrugated in the manner of cardboard to create one or more layers of insulating gaps, the channels being sealed at their ends. These attach to specialized light alloy channels that mount to the exterior of the bay frame profiles.

Membranes: made of either low density polyethylene with a 10 year duty life or elastomer films like tefzel. Long continuous sheets of membrane are locked and tensioned into the exterior of the bay frame profiles using snap-in plastic strips. A second layer can be added in the same way to the interior edge of the bay frames or a double layer can be attached to the outside with spacers to create and insulating gap. This type of cladding will support the use of Dynamic Liquid Insulation systems based on foam generators and is generally the cheapest for use in a large greenhouse installation.

In addition to the variety of cladding options, the Utilihab Greenhouse/Solarium kits offer different options for flooring based on the options used for the standard Utilihab deck and walkway systems as well as the indoor flooring options. Also offered are various end-closure options with vents, swing, sliding and rolling garage doors, growing benches with sink and workbench installations, enclosed sub-irrigation planter boxes, fans and humidifiers, and supplemental lighting.

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