Green Wall or Living Wall planter panels are specialty panels designed to host a vertical garden. There are a variety of possible forms and many systems commercially available, but the basic design employs two polyamide felt layers as growing medium affixed to a polymer back-sheet which are together attached to a supporting profile frame. Drip irrigation tubing along the top of the felt or in a grid behind the felt later provides nutrient fluid, ideally under timer control. A gutter channel at the bottom of the panel or integrated into a perimeter ‘U channel’ frame collects excess fluid for recycling. The Green Wall can be mounted in free-standing configurations as well as on walls in combination with a conventional wall panel.

The Utilihab Green Wall panel employs the same mounting methods as lattice or screen panels and planar glass panels, using simple through-bolts on stand-off studs attaching to available front surface profile slots. Through-bolts can be concealed behind the felt layer. Surface mount Green Wall panels are fashioned in the same dimensions of other surface mount panels. Flush mounted panels are also possible when used in combination with a thinner flush mounted wall panel, both panels attaching by shared through-bolts to angles or lock strips and usually with Primary framing of at least medium duty 150mm thickness. Sets of panels must be integrated to a drip irrigation supply network as usual for conventional drip irrigation hydroponics.

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