The basic fabric composite panel is a composite panel that employs a tensioned fabric front finished surface. A rigid panel, usually of material like plywood or wheatboard, supports the fabric which is laid over a front foundation material such as light cork, semi-rigid recycled polyester fiber board, or felt batting. Corners are rounded on the base panel to fabric stretching and in some cases a solid wood, rolled alloy channel, or plastic perimeter strip may be employed. The foundation material is laminated to the rigid panel and the fabric material is then stretched and stapled to the back face of the panel in the same manner as stretching an artist’s canvas. Some designs may employ screw-down clamping strips instead of staples. Some fabric panel designs may employ a quilted appearance using through-panel threads or button or button tacks.

Fabric panels are generally 20mm but may be combined with additional panel layer to make a 50mm panel and in some cases single-piece double-sided-finished panel.