The Utilihab platform favors the use of prefabricated doors that integrate well with the T-slot profile structure, requiring little to no modification. Most prefabricated doors can be accommodated. The chief complications are accommodating book hinges designed for flush mounting and similarly flush-mounted latch and lock mechanisms designed to have spaces for them routed out of solid lumber door frames. Some off-the-shelf door hardware offered by T-slot profile manufacturers for industrial uses may be suited to adaptive reuse as domestic door hardware, the key difference being that most of this type of hardware is not designed for weather-proof doors and is intended to be surface-mounted to profiles rather than flush-mounted.

Generally, doors will be mounted along Primary structural members and incorporate Secondary framing members matched to the Primary frame thickness; 100, 150, and 200mm.

[Note: this area requires additional research into specific prefab door products that offer adaptation potential]

Door Series CategoriesEdit

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