Composting toilets are a long-established alternative to the conventional toilet that greatly reduces the water consumption for toilet use. In function, they are simple aerobic composting systems much as are used for composting kitchen and garden waste but are adapted to the characteristics of human waste. Properly maintained, they are completely odor free and hygienic and the ‘finished’ compost product is perfectly safe to use like any other garden compost. However, routine maintenance is very critical to their operation and performance and they are not recommended for households using large volumes of prescription drugs as the waste byproduct from that remains, to some degree, in the finished compost and is bad for the environment. Composting toilets tend to perform best in warmer drier climate but do still work well even in colder climates and have been particularly popular in Scandinavia.

The Utilihab Composting Toilet Kit is based on a sub-floor continuous processing composter unit that can be used with single or multiple toilet pedestals with two or more sizes for difference use volumes. The pedestals are similar to the conventional toilet in design and feature a urine separation bowl -now common to European toilets- and a micro-flush system that uses a minimal amount of water for flushing. These pedestal units are installed with conventional toilet plumbing.

The composter units are large recycled foamed polyethylene containers designed to mount in the below-floor space. They require at least a meter clearance and are recommended for Utilihab structure designs using relatively high raised floors with the unit placement favoring edge or corner positions. The units feature an integral fan system linked to a roof-top vent that creates a negative air pressure in the sewer plumbing to eliminate odors and a heater system to maintain appropriate composting temperatures. Additional insulation may be added in some climates. A leach field system is used to dispose of urine and residual compost fluids.

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